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Debra Scotto for New Leadership
206 Carroll Street
Lower Level
Brooklyn, New York 11231

July 30, 2012

After some very serious soul searching, and long consultations with my team, I have made the decision to withdraw from the District Leader / State Committee race in the 52nd AD and therefore, I am suspending the campaign.

Overwhelming family obligations coupled with health problems as well as my husband's unanticipated responsibilities abroad have created an untenable situation. With these pressing issues it has become impossible to pursue a political position because of the inherent time demands and obligations required to properly run a campaign and represent our communities.

The support that I have been the recipient of throughout this endeavor has been incredible. Whether it came in the form of time and effort, contributions or contacts, the loyalty that has been behind our effort I will never forget. In many ways I feel we have already won because of it.

I will continue to represent all of our interests as best I can through the community activism that brought me to this place to begin with - and in the spirit of my family's tradition.

Thank you.
With Warmest Regards,

Deb Scotto

The Issues

Gerrymandering Matters

There is no doubt that we ought to be electing our officials rather than our officials choosing their voters.

What is happening now? Each legislative branch has passed a redistricting map friendly to its majority party and, the despite his promised veto, the Governor felt compelled to sign off on this pact which is no more than an incumbent protection plan... Read More..

The State of Our Schools

Our district's elementary schools are currently among the best in the nation but some are overcrowded and there is a looming kindergarten crisis. A few of our middle schools are performing well, but we need more quality middle schools in our district to accommodate the rising number of our elementary school graduates.

The state of our local high schools is abysmal... Read More..


Our elected officials often act as if their hands are tied when it comes to the provision of services for their various communities. They act as though it isn't their fault if the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) cuts back on our bus service. After all, what can they do other than protest?! It's as if Dr. Frankenstein were to take no responsibility for his monster. The MTA is a New York State authority and as such can be reorganized or overridden through legislative initiatives... Read More..

Gowanus Canal Remediation

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward as promised with its process for determining where toxic contamination is prevalent and what to do to achieve a comprehensive and safe remediation of the Gowanus Canal. EPA is determining which plan to use and then it will devise the means to achieve those ends. There are still daunting issues ahead with regard to coordination and avoiding recontamination... Read More..

Responsible Community Based Development

When I was a member of the Land Use Committee of my local community board I helped to draft a responsible contracting policy for the board. I also worked with a group called the Gowanus Summit to devise a consensus plan for the partial rezoning of the Gowanus Canal area. I have been part of numerous breakout and discussion groups from the Expressway Stakeholders group to the fix the ditch sessions... Read More..

Debra Scotto on National Issues of the Moment

I know that national issues will not play a large part in my role as district leader but you have a right to know where I stand on the hot issues of the day, such as gun control, birth control, financial regulation, marrige equality, and more.... Read More..